Brewology featured imageRecently, my husband’s cousin, Roger and his business partner opened Brewology, a gastropub located in Speonk, NY (Hamptons). Although interested in the restaurant industry for years, it was only less than a year ago that Roger took the idea seriously. The day came when a vacant spot emerged near Roger’s route to work. It was the perfect spot for a new restaurant — his restaurant. Together with his business partner, through direction of industry specialists, Brewology first opened its doors this past June.

3 Things To Know

Beer – Brewology got its name from the actual term “brewology,” which refers to the study of beer and beer-making. Over at Brewology, they focus on small-batch, craft beer. Their beer menu is ever-changing along with the seasons. For example, pumpkin beer is currently available.

Food – Executive chef Lia Fallon (identified as one of Newday’s 2014 all-star chefs), leads the team with an expertly prepared menu that utilizes fresh, local ingredients. Like the craft beer, Brewology’s food changes along with the season. The one constant is that the food menu pairs well with the flavors in the craft beers available.

Decor – The interior design falls under the “French Industrial” theme. Brewology’s furniture and most of the decor were hand built by local craftsmen using recycled steel and reclaimed wood. The end result is an inviting space with a chic and modern ambiance.

I had the pleasure of visiting Brewology a few weeks ago, resulting in a happy stomach and plenty of photos. The photos, I’ll share in this post. :)


1) Oysters on the half shell. This platter was screaming my name. The oysters were cold, fresh, and clear (exactly how they should be). The homemade mignonette sauce was also delicious. Bonus: Our own Tabasco sauce bottles!

Raw Oysters2) Charcuterie. Serrano ham, Tuscan salami, Duck pastrami and mousse. (Duck pastrami — how clever and unique! Tasty too.)brewology charcuterie3) Sweet and Sassy Shrimp. This was gone in 30 seconds. So good!

Brewology fried shrimp4) Deep Fried Ribeye, Smoked Pork Belly, and Chicken and Waffles. Comfort meal never tasted this good. The smoked pork belly made a big impression on me. You can definitely taste the smoky flavor infused into the pork. Deep fried ribeye? You had me at deep fried. :)

Brewology food collage15) Craft Beer Sampler. I won’t even pretend I know anything about beer. I’m a wine and cocktails kind of gal (I had a refreshing watermelon cocktail). But how cute are these beer samplers? Ties in with the theme of beer as a science. Beer lovers, this is for you!

Brewology beer sampler


1) The Entrance. Yes, very French industrial.

Brewology Entrance 2) Details, details, details. I love them! They are important to me. Imagine as a female diner, how lovely it is to receive something to hold your handbag? Oh, I’m sure it works for man-bags too. :)

Brewology bag hanger3) Dining Room 1. When you enter restaurant, this room will be to your right. Love the chalkboards and the bright, glossy chairs.

Brewology dining room4) Main Dining Room. Notice the famous scientists on the wall. They were painted by a talented friend of the owners.

Brewology main dining room

Needless to say, I fully enjoyed my recent dining experience at Brewology. Please know that credibility means the world to me. I may not know much about beer but when it comes to food, I can’t say my taste buds have ever failed me. Living in Manhattan all the years before moving to the ‘burbs in my mid 20’s, I’ve had my share of dining at some of New York’s best eateries. They ranged from hole-in-the-walls to restaurants where a meal can set you back the cost of a dining table (sorry, furniture enthusiast here)! It’s safe to say that I’m not drooling over Brewology because I know the owners. I’m drooling over this place because I’m a piggie I love food and it’s a big deal to me.

This was such a tasty visit at Brewology. I have no complaints other than wishing I lived closer. Well, there is always hope for one opening in my neck of the woods. Until that happens, I cannot wait for my next visit! If you’re in the area and are looking for a great dining experience, check out their website here.

Have you been to a gastropub before? Like this post or have a comment? Hope you have some GOOD EATS over the weekend! Xo, Tee