Welcome to the BIG REVEAL of my “modern girl chic” room makeover for my daughters! These 6 weeks of the One Room Challenge flew like no other weeks! I know I’m going to have to do a follow up post because there’s just too much commentary and “behind the scenes” tidbits that won’t fit into this photo-heavy post. Okay, I’m cutting to the chase lovely readers…

Chic Girls Room Makeover - Beauteeful Living

One last look at the inspiration photos from Pottery Barn Kids and PB Teen. I combined elements from each of these photos.

One Room Challenge Inspiration Beauteeful Living

The BEFORE Photo (moving stuff out of this room)

GirlsRoomBefore - BL



Let’s start with a proper “welcome” to Ellie and Lauren’s shared bedroom. 🙂 I love how they chose to share a room together despite being able to have their own separate rooms.
Chalkboard and Deer head mount - Beauteeful Living

With so many photos to share from their room, I thought I’d go over section by section, starting with the view you see as soon as you open their bedroom door.

Dresser area view from door - Beauteeful Living

These white baskets and pretty teal boxes keep this area from looking cluttered. I used them to corral all those little stuffed animals and miscellaneous craft items.

I love how this IKEA dresser can hold so much clothing. Replacing the original drawer pulls with the pink vintage-looking knobs was a good idea! By the way, the bunting sign above dresser reads “Sweet Dreams.” Hard to tell with the silver, glittery letters.

Dresser and Baskets - Beauteeful Living
white baskets - Beauteeful Living

The blush pink hue in the roses, Lauren’s piggy bank, and that cute ballerina frame really give this area a “girly” feel. Ah, I just love the staging process. 🙂

Top of Dresser - Beauteeful Living

Expanded view from other side of the room.

Dresser area view - Beauteeful Living

Love that Ellie’s keepsake Tiffany & Co piggy bank is finally on display. I’ve kept it in its original box all these years.

Tiffany and co bunny piggy bank - Beauteeful Living

The strips that you see on top of the cellular blinds and around the nightstand came from a Washi tape I bought recently. Just another way to tie in hints of gold to their “modern girl chic” bedroom.

Washi tape diy - Beauteeful Living

Now, a look into their BED area. My favorite part of the room!

Would you believe I got that accent floor mat on clearance for only $5.99 at Kohls?

Girls Room Makeover - Beauteeful Living

Can’t forget the ceiling fan in the room. Like I said in last week’s update… a chandelier would be amazing for this space but this ceiling fan is a must for summer months! We actually run our ceiling fans in our bedrooms year-round to circulate air.

Girls Room Makeover Ceiling Fan - Beauteeful Living

I love doing DIY projects whenever I style a room. I made these pink tulle pom poms along with the scallop bunting sign.

Don’t you just love those hanging paper lanterns? I’ve been eyeing them forever in the wedding section at AC Moore. Love the feminine eyelet detail!

DIY pom poms and garland - Beauteeful Living

I was so giddy with excitement after I finished this mini-gallery wall. I bought these mirrors for only $5.00 at a local flea market. The “E” and “L” letters were purchased at Michaels. How cute is that “&” sign from Kohls?

Mirror Gallery Wall - Beauteeful Living

Gallery wall and hanging decor - Beauteeful Living

Loving this “Hello Lovely” pillow I found at Target.

Girls Room Pillows - Beauteeful Living

It’s always a big commitment to hang things on the wall! The small wall shelves and hanging files from IKEA were perfect for this narrow wall space.

SIDE NOTE: The vintage print of the little girl staring at the boxing bean bag is symbolic to me. It reads, “Aim higher.” When Ellie (my oldest) arrived and I discovered I was a mom to a baby girl, I knew I had a big responsibility. As her mother, I am likely the woman she will learn from more than any other female figure in her lifetime. I want her to be proud to be a girl and to know that she can “aim for anything” and not be concerned that her chances of achieving something is any less because she is a “female.” Lauren, our youngest, needs to know that as well.

Frames and books - Beauteeful Living

Most of their books are stored in the kids’ playroom downstairs. On a weekly or bi-weekly basis, we will be rotating these books for others in their bookshelf downstairs. Our typical bed time routine involves Ellie reading a book out loud to Lauren and me. Afterwards, I would select 1 book to read to the two of them before we kiss and hug good night.

Hanging file for books - Beauteeful Living

Picture ledges and bed - Beauteeful Living

Here, my oldest is reading one of her favorite Mo Willems’ books. She also loves other quirky books like “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” and “Captain Underpants.” Too funny!

Reading - Beauteeful Living

Here’s the last area to reveal!

Jewelry Pegboard angled view - Beauteeful Living

Jewelry Pegboard loveseat area - Beauteeful Living

One of my proudest and favorite DIY projects for this room involves this framed pegboard. I will share a tutorial on this project in a future post! I love the ornate details of the frame (so shabby chic)!

The girls don’t typically wear jewelry with their outfits. But when they do, they can easily spot which necklaces and bracelets they want to wear.

Jewelry Pegboard Frame - Beauteeful Living

Nothing like hanging a decorative frame inside a frame. So fun!

small shabby chic frame - Beauteeful Living

With an erasable white chalkboard pen, I wrote “They leave a bit of SPARKLE everywhere they go” on this wall. I just love sweet sayings!

Kids loveseat area close up - Beauteeful Living

If you read Week 5’s update, you would’ve been introduced to Lauren’s American Girl doll, Grace Thomas. Here she is sitting by this cute bistro set.

Grace Thomas American Girl Doll - Beauteeful Living

She’s now “napping” in this photo. 🙂

Lauren loves playing “pretend” with her dolls and accessories. I hope this stage lasts as long as possible! Growing up too soon is over-rated. Kids should live in “imagination land” for as long as possible!

Grace Thomas Doll - Beauteeful Living

Here’s little Lauren having fun.

American Girl Play Area - Beauteeful Living

You know the white nightstand pictured earlier? Well, open the doors and you’ll find doll clothes and accessories for Lauren’s Grace Thomas doll! Is it normal to be jealous of a doll’s wardrobe?

I… totally… am… jealous!

Doll clothes cabinet - Beauteeful Living

You may be wondering why only 1 twin bed has been shown when there are 2 kids sleeping in this room.

WELL…… enter the beauty of a trundle bed. Love this twin bed and trundle set from Mealey’s Furniture. (P.S. Not sure if they have exact model available any longer.)

White twin bed and trundle - Beauteeful Living

Soft and fluffy bedding.

White twin bed and trundle close up - Beauteeful Living

So, what about their stuffed animals?!

One of the dilemmas I wanted to address in this challenge was their million+ stuffed animal collection. While I donated 2 huge bags of stuffed animals during this challenge, I still have a bunch in the house. I bargained with the kids and told them that they are allowed a maximum of 7 favorite stuffed animals on their beds. The rest will be stored away. They can rotate whenever but they cannot go over 7 items. Gosh, I sound like the “grinch.”

They took me up on the offer though! Confession: I bribed told them that they may get some special presents during the holidays. 🙂

Girls Room with Stuffed animals - Beauteeful Living

The 2 components that the kids would throw a fit if not included in their bedroom are….

Ellie’s 3 Pottery Barn Kids pink blankies and Lauren’s Mike Wazowski pillow.

Ellie has had her pink blankies since she was a baby! She has to sleep with them every night. Lauren has been sleeping on that Mike Wazowski pillow since she was three years old. Major drama will ensue if I removed these items from their room! 🙂

Kids favorites

Like what you’re seeing, PIN it for later. 🙂

Chic Girls Room Makeover - Beauteeful Living

Wrapping up on this post… I hope my daughters become as close as my big sister and I are with one another. I also shared a bedroom with my sister, growing up in New York City. However, the room was half the size of this bedroom!

Sisters make the best friends - Beauteeful Living

This was an incredibly rewarding 6 – week design process! I am both happy and proud of the results. At the end of the day, I want my kids to know that they are always on my mind (and my husband’s). We care for them equally. And above all else, we want to tell them

ORC Chalkboard1 - Beauteeful Living

Thank you for making it to the end of this photo-heavy post! Big CONGRATULATIONS to my blogger friends and all those who participated in this edition of “The One Room Challenge,” hosted by the lovely Linda at Calling It Home. I know and can relate to all the hours and effort you have poured into your makeovers. Flowers for everyone!! Readers: You can see all the amazing makeovers HERE.

Pink Roses - Beauteeful Living

If you’re new to Beauteeful Living, I’d love for you to drop me a line and let me know you’ve stopped by. I love meeting new people and especially those who share the same creative passions!

Have feedback on this makeover? I’d love to hear your thoughts! Thanks for reading. Xoxo, Tee

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