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Are you one of those people who loves decor items hanging from ceilings? I certainly do. In fact, if I could insert an emoji right now of a girl raising her hand up high, I totally would. 🙂 It’s the event decorator in me!

On the blog today, I’m sharing a floral project I’ve wanted to do for the longest time —- A Hanging Floral Chandelier! I’m linking this fun project to Hometalk’s DIY My Spring Blog Hop. Be sure to check out other spring-related projects at the end of this post.

UPDATE: This project was featured on Good Housekeeping’s website here. Yay!

If you’ve stopped by your local Arts and Crafts store, you probably noticed shoppers filling their carts with silk flowers. Let me be the first to admit that for the longest time, I used to turn my nose on fake floral stems. The word “tacky” screams at me when I see them. You know what? While there certainly are still tacky fake flowers out there, there’s also a host of “faux-fabulous” and realistic-looking silk flowers available too! If you didn’t like faux floral stems before, I hope the ones you see today will make you sing a different tune.

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Let’s get to the tutorial of my “Floral Hanging Chandelier DIY Project!”


1. Metal Wreath Ring

2. Floral Wire

3. Wire Cutter or heavy duty scissors

Floral Arrangement Materials

4. Bunches of Silk Hydrangea stems (Mine had 6 blooms)

5. Bunches of Silk Ranunculus stems (I used 1 set of yellow ranunculus and 1 set of pink ranunculus flowers). Each set had 6 flowers.

Note: I purchased my silk flowers from A.C. Moore.

Cut Silk Flowers

6. Large bunch of foliage leaves (these came from the hydrangea and ranunculus stems). I just clipped them off the long metal stem that held the flowers together.

Cut silk foliage leaves

7. Large bunch of mixed tropical stems. I bought a set of these leaves to give my wreath a fuller, more tropical look!

Silk foliage leaves

8. Glue gun.

9. Twine. To hang the wreath, I used 4 strands of twine. Each strand was 33 inches long.




Tie each of the 4 strands of twine to your wire wreath. Two at the top and two at the bottom like photo.
Wire Wreath


Tie a knot toward the end like photo.

Hanging Wire Wreath


Cut floral wire into 4 inch long pieces. Be prepared to cut at least 40 pieces.

Floral Wire


Using floral wire, tie the bottom of one of the hydrangea leaves to your wire wreath.

Placing leaf on wreath


Set your hydrangea bloom on wire wreath and tie floral wire to secure it in place. Continue tying hydrangea leaves around the wire wreath. Using your glue gun, begin gluing the smaller leaves on top of your larger leaves to fill in any gaps (hiding metal on wire wreath).

Decorating wreath


Continue assembling hydrangea and ranunculus blooms, alternating here and there so wreath wouldn’t look too uniform.

Adding flowers to wreath


Make sure that the leaves are glued securely onto metal wire.

Gluing leaves on wreath


Be sure that the bottom of your wire wreath is covered entirely by leaves. This way, when the wreath is hung, you won’t see parts of the metal from your wire wreath.

Leaves covering wreath


Fill in the wreath with the set of “tropical” foliage bunch. Cut the leaves off the stem to separate them. Insert the leaves into your wreath to add more depth and interest to the hanging floral chandelier! Secure the leaves with floral wire if necessary.

Silk foliage leaves


The last step is to loop a knot at the end of your rope so you can hang your “floral chandelier” on your ceiling!

Silk Floral Chandelier angled - Beauteeful Living

Here’s how the bottom of the hanging wreath looks.
Silk Floral Chandelier Bottom View - Beauteeful Living

Below is a photo of how the floral chandelier looks in our living room. I love it. I’m so glad it came out the way I had envisioned!

Floral Chandelier in room - Beauteeful Living

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