Magnolia Flower DIY

One of my favorite things about spring is seeing the beautiful blooms blossoming on trees this time of year. The blooms from magnolia trees are certainly one of the prettiest around. As part of the Spring Holiday Craftacular blog hop, I decided to create a flower ball using silk magnolia flowers!


One of the best things about this DIY project is the fact that there’s so few items that you’ll need to complete this project. Here’s the short list (all can be found at your local Arts & Crafts store):

1) Foam Ball – I used a 6 inch round ball.

Foam Ball

2) 4 sets of silk magnolia stems. Be prepared to pay at least $9.00 for each set (even with 50% off discount). So worth it though!

Silk Magnolia Flowers

3) Wire cutters

4) Glue gun

5) Thin ribbon


Step One:

Tie a ribbon like photo below. This will be used to hang flower ball.

Hanging string

Step Two:

Cut all the magnolia blooms off stem. Leave 3/4 inch stem to stick into foam ball.


Step Three:

Poke tiny hole in foam ball using magnolia stem. Next, insert ribbon knot into the hole. Using glue gun so that knot stays in hole.


Step Four:

Using glue gun, place small amount of glue onto tip of magnolia bloom and stick stem into foam ball.

Gluing Magnolia Flower

Step Five:

Place blooms all around ball. Avoid leaving large gaps so the foam won’t show.

Magnolia Flower Ball Half

Here’s how the magnolia flower ball looks all completed. Looks great hanging from ceiling.

Magnolia Flower Ball - Hanging

The magnolia flower ball looks beautiful placed on top of a stand too! 🙂

Magnolia Flower Ball - Beauteeful Living

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Magnolia Flower Ball DIY - Beauteeful Living

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