Viking Pool Preview - BL cover

Ever since we purchased our home over 10 years ago, I’ve wanted to have an inground pool installed. My friends, it finally happened last October! I’ve kept this major renovation from the blog because we were dealing with a lot last fall. You may recall, we lost our beloved boxer, Lola to cancer during that time (post here).

While there are myriad reasons why we decided to replace our above-ground pool with an inground, I’m sure Lola’s sudden decline in health reminded us of the old adage:

You…Only…Live…Once. There are no guarantees in life. Make the most of your existence.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that I think decisions should be made on a whim without careful consideration.

Serious thought on installing an inground pool was on our radar for the past 2 years. We researched it, knew which reputable company to contract job, and most importantly, we made sure we wouldn’t be going into debt for it. As much as I wanted an inground, I would never have lobbied for it if it meant we would be “in the red” for it.

So what type of pool did we get?

It’s a fiberglass free-form shaped pool.

Because we chose to have a fiberglass pool installed, the actual installation of the pool was only a 1 day process. There were many other factors that came along with this project but I’ll save those for future posts. Today is going to be a “cliff notes” version. 🙂

Photo # 1 (Pool Installation Day)

Practically half our yard was leveled when the big machines came. Here’s the beauty of the fiberglass pool…entire pool was placed in one piece!

viking pool installation

Photo # 2 (Concrete Pouring)

The pool is starting to take shape now that concrete has been poured. Notice the section of pavers being removed? We had to remove several rows of our existing pavers in order to make way for the new pool design. Our landscaper had his crew reset our pavers as well as add a drain between the concrete and pavers.


Photo # 3 (Stamped concrete and staining process)

Here’s a photo of how the concrete looks after “stamped concrete” process and having the concrete stained grey to go with our existing pavers. Notice that we had the trim around the pool stained darker than the rest of the concrete.


Photo #4 (Preview of pool completed)

Here’s how our pool looks right now. This is just a little preview.

Along with the pool, we also had a slide and waterfall put in. Let’s just say the slide (not shown) has been a big hit! 😉


Photo # 5 (Size of pool)

Here’s another angle of our new pool. This view makes the pool look smaller in size. The size is actually 14 feet x 30 feet. Our old above-ground pool was an 18 foot round. We definitely gained more swimming space!


If you follow Beauteeful Living on Instagram, you may have seen this cute donut float we’ve been enjoying. 🙂

Donut float

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little peek into our new pool. Before I go, want to see the before photos of our pool? I thought so. 🙂

The first photo was how the pool looked when we first bought our house over 10 years ago. The second photo is how we tried to “beauteefy” the pool. Our old above-ground pool definitely served us well regardless of it not being what I would have wanted.



Stay tuned later this month where I will be revealing the full pool area in an “Outdoor Home Tour.” I’ll be sure include photos of our waterfall and slide. Can’t wait!

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