This year, I actually contemplated not creating a holiday photo card. I know, the horror, the horror. This thought lasted a mere 2 minutes though. It’s not that I no longer enjoy taking photos for our cards, it’s just that I wondered whether sending our holiday photos electronically made more sense. This is something I may consider for next year. What comes to mind for me is what ultimately happens to our photo cards after the holidays are over. I don’t even want to think about the T-R-A-S-H word. As a sentimental gal, I tend to keep my cards. Later in this post, I’ll share my 3 favorite ways to store holiday cards.

In the meantime, I’d love to share photos that made it to our holiday card this year.

1) The kids sitting on our buffet table. They bring us so much joy. Seems fitting that our “Joy” sign is between them. 🙂

2) All 4 of our girls together. Roxie and Lola have taken group photos with our kids for years. They pretty much stay put. Like their holiday sweaters? 😉


3) A shot of the kids placing ornaments on our tree.


And……..there’s always photos that do not make the card.

1) If the photo design I chose had an extra spot for a photo, I would have chosen this photo for sure. The kids were making each other laugh. You can see the laughter in Lauren’s face (left).


2) We always allow the kids to do a “goofy photo.” Lauren looks like she had too much eggnog. Ellie….well, she looks like she’s perfected her eye-crossing trick!


I always enjoy receiving photo cards from family and friends. I cannot bring myself to discard any of them so through the years, I’ve found ways to store them. Here are 3 of my favorites:

1) Photo Album – After the holidays are over, place photo cards into album just as you would with photos. Make sure to choose albums labeled “acid-free.”

2) Card Display – Punch a hole in the corner of the cards and thread a ribbon into the holes. Tie the ribbon into a bow and you’ll have a pretty stack of cards you can thumb through.

3) Photo Box – After labeling the photo box with the year, place photo cards in box. This is the simplest way to store the cards and keep them organized and accessible.

How do you store your holiday cards after the season is over? Like this post or have a comment? I hope you have a wonderful Christmas spent with your loved ones! I’m so grateful that you stopped by during this holiday week! Xoxo, Tee.