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In thinking of a word that I hope 2018 will signify for me, the word “simplify” seems most fitting. Simplifying has been something I’ve been working towards for years. Since my last post, the calendar has turned pages on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s. Certainly these are major stress-inducing holidays. Want to know something? For the first time since becoming a parent (that would be 9 years and counting), this past holiday season has been the “simplist” and therefore one of the most enjoyable.

How did I manage that when we’ve hosted gatherings during Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Years Eve at our home? Did I mention sleepovers were also included?

Choosing the “simple is quite alright” mantra to holiday prep was how I made it through this holiday season.

You see, I decided before Thanksgiving that I wouldn’t get wrapped up in the whirlwind of the holiday craze. I will still present shop for everyone on my list. I will still get the house ready for guests. I will still decorate for the holidays. I will, however, keep everything as simple as possible. 

It’s been a wonderful couple of months of just focusing on only the essential day-to-day activities and enjoying time with the family. I hope that you lovely readers are all doing well. If you’re looking to simplify things in your life and for some inspiration, I think you won’t be disappointed with some of my upcoming posts on this very topic!

What will I be looking to simplify this month? Perhaps you may consider these tasks for yourself. Here goes:

3 Things To Simplify This Month (January)

1. Expand closet space by eliminating bulky clothes hangers.

Remember the days when wood hangers ruled the universe and every organized closet had them strewn about? While our clothes look so nice hanging on them, the wooden hangers all came with a price. Bulky in nature, these wooden hangers take up way too much space in our closets.

I’ve replaced some of our wooden hangers with the popular slim, non-slip hangers. However, I still have a good number of wooden hangers still in our closets. This month, I plan to replace the remainder of our wooden hangers (leaving only a few for our heavy jackets) with these space-saving Velvet Hangers I found online.

2. Create “Ideas for Dinner” list.

Seems like I’m always taking time out of my day to come up with dinner plans for the evening. To lessen the “can’t decide what to make so we’ll just order take out” approach, I plan to list at least 12 “simple go-to” meals that I can whip up in an hour or less. I’m going to keep this list close to my refrigerator for easy reference. 🙂

Honestly, I think this may be a game changer in my life. I foresee a lot of brain cells saved from having this “meal idea” list! 😉

3. Commit to 1 “Wish List” DIY home project.

I’ve wanted to repaint our living room and dining room walls for several years now. Each time I suggest it, my hubby says, “but these walls were just repainted.” I don’t know how 10 years would be considered to be a “recently done” event. He may be referring to “touch ups” as being recent. So … the walls are going to be repainted very soon. I don’t mind flying solo on this task. I’ve certainly gotten enough experience through the past few bedroom makeovers.

This month, I will narrow down my choices in wall colors. Can’t wait to share some options and color inspirations on this blog. In fact, how about I share one with you all right now??

Paint color in the white family is something that I’m definitely considering. Loving this inspiration photo via Amber Interior Design:

White Living Room Inspiration

Ahh… so serene and so Beauteeful!

Excited for what 2018 will bring? I certainly am. I love all the possibilities that a new year brings and I’m looking forward to sharing all the ways I plan to simplify and make this year one of the best and most memorable yet! Thanks for continuing this creative and inspired journey with me on Beauteeful Living!


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