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Now that we’re into June, I’m hoping warm, backyard-hanging weather will linger longer than a day before temperature drops 20 degrees the very next day. Yes, it’s been happening! Although the past several weeks have been mostly cool and rainy, we’ve managed to host a couple of pool parties already. Since our pool area in our backyard is our favorite place to hang during summer months, I thought I’d share some current photos of this space as part of this year’s Garden Tours and Outdoor Spaces Blog Hop, hosted by my friend Tara from Lehman Lane.

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If you were to walk through the side entrance of our backyard, you will open the gate to this direct view. This area has pavers all the way to the pool area. By the way, I sprayed the ground with water to give our pavers a wet look. When the sun’s out and it’s hot outside, it only takes a matter of 60 seconds for the pavers to dry again. Yep – I hustled along to take these shots! 🙂

TechoBloc Pavers - Beauteeful Living

When we’re by the pool or have guests over during summer months, we typically dine in this outdoor dining area. Having an 11 foot patio umbrella helps shield everyone from the sun. This is the side of our yard that gets full sun starting in the morning to around 3pm each day.

Outdoor Dining - Beauteeful Living

Alongside the dining table, we have a small conversation area where my revamped bamboo chairs are currently placed. You’ll notice that I kept the Americana (red, white, and blue) decor in our backyard from our recent Memorial Day party. Before you know it, it’ll be time to celebrate the Fourth of July! 🙂

Bamboo chairs

How cute is this personalized “Pool Rules” sign? This was a gift from one of our friends after we had our inground pool installed. How thoughtful and sweet!

Pool Rules Sign

Here’s how our pool looks currently.

Fiberglass Inground Pool - Beauteeful Living

We haven’t changed much with the decor around our pool from last year.

The arborvitaes by the fence are doing quite well. They’ve grown around 12 inches within the past 2 years.  I just can’t wait for them to grow into each other even more. A tall wall of greenery is what I’m after!

Inground Pool - Beauteeful Living

Backyard Landscaping - Beauteeful Living

What’s the secret to hosting pool gatherings on the fly?


This pool cleaner is the best thing since the creation of Oreos Thins! Before any gathering, we just throw this cleaner into our pool and within a few hours, most of the the debris at the bottom of our pool gets vacuumed away. You can read more about this handy robot here. Trust me, this thing is worth every penny if you have a pool to upkeep.

Dolphin Triton Robotic Cleaner

This robotic machine actually climbs the walls of our pool. Is it weird that I enjoy watching it move around the pool? HA!

Dolphin Triton

Where do all the kids hang around during our backyard parties?

The pool slide and waterfall, of course! 😉

Pool Slide and Waterfall - Beauteeful Living

I can’t get over the selection of cute pool floats available these days. How adorable is this llama float?

Llama pool float

Why stop with just 1 float? We typically have at least 3 in our pool. You can find these floats at Five Below.

Pool Floats

If it’s not a pool kind of day, we can hang by the other seating area near our pool. In case you missed it, I shared this space in my recent Outdoor Entertaining blog post.

Patio Conversation Set - Beauteeful Living

I’m starting to think that we have just as much outdoor furniture as indoor furniture! 😀

Can you tell I’m a big fan of color and geometric prints? You can read more details about how I styled this backyard space HERE.

Outdoor tablescape - Beauteeful Living

I hope you’ve enjoyed my little tour around the pool area in our backyard.

We’re just a few weeks away from summer but as far as our backyard is concerned, it’s already SUMMER! Let’s hope Mother Nature gets the memo though. Be sure to check out these wonderful outdoor spaces from my talented blogger friends below!


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