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Earlier this week, I shared a Winter Holiday Wreath project on the blog. I mentioned how most of my holiday inspiration this year came from a simple black and white ribbon. In today’s post, you’re going to see how I updated two wreaths from last season into something much more fitting to my style. The bows I made recently definitely set the tone of how I wanted to decorate this holiday season. Simple, streamlined, and elegant.

You can get step by step tutorial for the bow below here.

Burlap Bow - Beauteeful Living

In just creating that bow, I knew it was time to say “peace out” to the traditional-looking burlap bow that came with the pre-lit wreath my husband purchased last year.

I have to give him credit for picking up a wreath for me to decorate. Unfortunately, it just wasn’t at all quite my taste.

The nice wife that I am, I still hung the wreath last year (only after I added some silver and gold to balance out all the red). This year, I knew the wreath had to be customized further to align with my holiday decor vision. 🙂

Old Christmas Wreath

After removing all of the red ornaments, I added my DIY burlap bow along with some mirrored globe ornaments to glam up the wreath.

Silver and Gold Christmas Wreath - Beauteeful Living

And while I was customizing things to my own liking, I decided to grab a fallen tree branch from our backyard. After spray painting it white, I placed it on top of my wreath and began hanging ornaments on it.

Hanging ornaments

The finished look!

Christmas wreath with hanging ornaments - Beauteeful Living

I loved the new look of the pre-lit wreath so much, I decided to re-vamp our front door Christmas wreath too! Once again, I made another bow.

Pretty wreath bow

Here’s my old wreath with the store-bought bow that I purchased last year.

Front door wreath before

After adding my bow and lots of silver and gold ornaments, my wreath looked much more like my style.

Front door wreath after

Hanging nicely on our front door.

Front door wreath

Before I end this post, remember this sneak peek I shared last week of this wreath on a frame?

Joy Holiday Frame - Beauteeful Living

You probably think the black background is made of some sort of black chalk material.

Guess what? It is NOT. It’s actually the back of the picture frame! I simply flipped the backing of the frame. Having a word written really gives it the illusion of chalk paint! That’s my little trick. 🙂

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s post on how a little customization can go a long way to making your holiday decorations more suitable to your own style.

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