packing away holiday decor

Now that the glitter dust of the holidays has settled, it is time to wrap up our holiday decor. As much as I love the house all decorated, the luster of the festive decor pales in comparison to getting precious real estate back. It really is time to move that side table back to its rightful place. I love you, pre-lit tree but you really know how to take up space!

In today’s post, I’d like to share with you 5 Tips on packing away holiday decor:

1) Donate/discard things you no longer LOVE.

I didn’t write donate/discard things “no longer useful” for a reason. We can always use another ornament or holiday plate. But if you have “meh” feelings about something. You don’t love it. In fact, you never really even liked it much. Save yourself the storage space and just part with that item.

2) Store items together if they are displayed together.

I place our stockings in the same storage bin as the garland I use to decorate our fireplace. Rather than separate these items in their own bins, I simply lump them together. This system makes it so much easier to decorate the following season.

stockings and garland

3) Stack fragile or decorative signs on top of soft, plush items. 

Eliminate the need for packing materials by utilizing stuffed animals, pillows, or other plush items as buffer. Place soft items in the bottom of bin and place fragile items or decorative signs on top. If item is breakable, be sure to wrap it with tissue paper first.

holiday stuffed animals

4) Separate “accent” from “filler” ornaments in different storage bins.

I have been doing this for years now and I have to say this is one of the most effective ways to not only speed up time involved in decorating your tree (next season) but ensuring a more beau-tee-ful looking tree! Let me explain:

Accent ornaments are the ornaments you love the most. These are the ones that are most sentimental to you or ones that you wish to highlight on your tree. Accent ornaments are usually the more costly ornaments…the ones not in a box set.

Filler ornaments are ornaments that make up the majority of your ornaments. They are typically the round ornaments that you purchase in sets. Don’t let the name fool you, “filler” ornaments are just as important as “accent” ornaments. If you don’t have simple ornaments, your accent pieces will not stand out as much!

If you separate the 2 types of ornaments, you can decorate your tree by placing all your favorite “accent” ornaments first. After all the accent ornaments are on tree, you now can finish decorating by adding your “filler” ornaments. This ensures that your favorite ornaments are “front and center” in the best spots on tree. Make sense? 😉


5) Pack away holiday cards in an organized way.

In a recent post (link here), I recommended my 3 favorite ways to store holiday cards. Well, here’s a picture of how I’m storing the lovely photocards I received:

Photocard Display

Simply, punch a hole in top corner of cards and thread a ribbon into each card. This keeps all the cards together and makes it so easy to thumb through. 🙂

I’m leaving this stack of cards on my coffee table for a few more weeks until I store them away in a photo box.

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I hope you’ve enjoyed this past holiday season. Stay tuned for a post later this week on our holiday recap. It will be picture heavy. No surprise there. 😉 Thanks for reading! Xoxo, Tee