Valentine’s Day must not be far away because it’s already time for another edition of the Holiday Craftacular blog hop! Here’s a look at the Valentine’s-themed crafts that the four of us co-hosts are sharing today:



Last summer, I was hired to decorate for an Italian-themed bridal shower. You can catch up on post HERE. One of my favorite DIY projects for the bridal shower happens to be a project I will be sharing today. When I upcycled soda bottles into looking like wine bottle vases, I knew I had to recreate this project for Valentine’s Day!

Photo below is from the Italian-themed bridal shower. Notice the “AMORE” word. The only modification I’m making for my project today is having the vases spell “LOVE.”

Amore wine bottles beauteefulliving


  • 4 empty glass bottles (12 fl. ounce size)
  • 1 roll of laminated burlap (Available at Michael’s)
  • 1 pack of Chalkboard labels (Available at Michael’s)
  • Scotch Expressions Tape (Black)
  • Scissors
  • Red Chalk Marker (permanent marker is fine too)

Wine Bottle Vases Supplies Needed

Step One – Unroll burlap. Measure 8.5 inches across and cut burlap.

Burlap Sheet

Step Two – Fold burlap piece in half. Set aside.

Burlap Sheet halved

Step Three – Wrap Scotch tape over neck of bottle. Wrap second layer in mid-point of first layer.

Wrapping Bottle with Washi Tape

Step Four – Take burlap and wrap tightly around glass bottle.

Wrapping bottle with burlap

Step Five – Use glue gun and secure burlap so that fabric is snug around bottle.

Glue gun

Step Six: Place round sticker (large size) into center and secure sticker by wrapping Scotch expressions tape around the sticker.

Stickers for Wine bottle

You will need to make 4 “wine bottle” vases in order to spell LOVE. 🙂

Bottles wrapped in burlap

Step Seven: Use red chalk marker and write each letter to spell out LOVE. I actually like how the red chalk marker dries up hot pink!

Writing letters on bottles

Here’s the completed project with some pretty flowers I have in the house. Not bad for being artificial bulbs! 😉

DIY Wine Bottle Vase - Beauteeful Living

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