Valentines Day Gifts for Kids

Tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day and that means I can finally give the kids their little goody bags! I always find it fun picking out little things for them. I’ve gotten good at this! Here’s what I came up with this year:

1) Lego Friends – Both Ellie and Lauren are into Legos so I decided to include a small set for each of them. You can find this at Target.

2) Unicorn Stuffed Animal – I was SO not going to get them any stuffed animals but of course I failed at thisย goal.

3) Mailbox – Since the girls love drawing pictures and writing sweet notes, I thought they could place their notes into these miniature mailboxes.

4) Snacks – Goldfish and M&M’s.ย Aren’t most kids fans? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Valentines Day Kids Gifts

And while we’re on the topic of little Valentine’s Day gifts for kids, here’s a peek at what I put together for Ellie and Lauren’s classmates. For Ellie, there’s a sticker sheet, small toy, and an eraser. For Lauren, I put together felt stickers and a lollipop.


We all know that Valentine’s Day isn’t about the gifts, flowers, or chocolate. It is about expression. If there’s one thing I try my best at, it is expressing my love to my kids each and every day. That said, I feel no guilt in buying into the whole thing about giving them little presents for a Hallmark holiday like Valentine’s Day.

What do you think about getting little gifts for kids on Valentine’s Day? Whatever your plans are for Valentine’s Day, I hope you know that you are LOVED! Happy Valentine’s Day weekend, lovely readers! Xoxo, Tee

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