Glam Office Makeover


Welcome my friends to the “Reveal” of my Glam Office Makeover, as part of my guest participation in this fall’s One Room Challenge (ORC), hosted by Calling It Home.  Although this is the tiniest space I’ve ever devoted to an ORC makeover, it’s up there with my favorite makeovers to date! You won’t judge me for taking 13 years to finally designate an office space for myself, right? 😉 I’m glad because after this makeover, I’m asking myself that age old question:

“Why in the world did I not do this sooner?!”

I’d like to thank you guys for your sweet and encouraging comments throughout this challenge. I was afraid this makeover may become a big snoozer (anti-climatic, to be honest). After all, how could a tiny “corner office nook” compare to an entire room makeover? Well, looking through all of the “after” images and seeing how far this corner has come, the results are way better than I originally expected. (Special thanks to Michael Daferede of Daf Photography for taking the photos featured today!)

I’m starting the tour with the full view of my little corner office before breaking down all the sections of this Glam Office Makeover.

Glam Home Office Nook - Beauteeful Living

Can I say I finally moved up to my very own corner office? 😀

This may be my favorite corner of our house! Disclaimer: I say this after every new makeover. #TrueStory #SorryNotSorry 🙂

Tee in Corner Office Makeover - Beauteeful Living

ORC Guest Participant

As a reminder, this was the “Before Photo” of this corner space of my living room:

Book case corner before

The most time-consuming project in this makeover was certainly the 4 coat painting process. It takes some effort and patience to change a large bookcase (20 cubbies and all) from dark espresso to white. Doing the steps the right way and taking my time truly made a difference!

Repainting Bookshelf White - Beauteeful Living

Repurposing our old bookcase was especially important to me because …

  1. I still love the bookcase (20 cubes of great storage capacity)
  2. It was still in excellent condition. All it needed was some fresh paint (3 coats plus 1 coat of protectant) and voila, it instantly became the perfect foundation for my “Glam and Chic themed” office nook!

Glam Bookshelf Decor Styling - Beauteeful Living

Top Portion of Bookcase:

Bookshelf Top - Beauteeful Living

Keeping a good balance of decorative elements and organizational items are important. I wanted the bookcase to be functional and organized, yet have some pretty decor for that “glam and chic” feel.

Bookshelf Glam Decor - Beauteeful Living

You may recognize some of the decor on my bookcase. This bookcase is really a “workhorse” in our living room. I store as much stuff as I can over here!

Gold Pineapple - Beauteeful Living

One of my favorite purchases for this makeover happen to be this “faux wood” jewelry box. Remember how in Week 1’s post, I mentioned how I use this corner space as a place where I also style my daughters’ hair? Well, this jewelry box is being used as a place to hold their hair bands. 🙂

Chic Jewelry Box - Beauteeful Living

Some other purchases include the brass-colored shelf divider I recently purchased. How about those cute wine tassels I added? It’s like jewelry for our bookcase. 🙂

Small letterboard with wine tassels - Beauteeful Living

Mini letterboards, anyone? They are so cute!

Bookshelf decor - Beauteeful Living

Lower Portion of Bookcase:

Bookshelf Bottom - Beauteeful Living

No such thing as too many golden accessories when you’re styling a “Glam” themed bookcase.

Glam Bookshelf Decor- Beauteeful Living

The Desk Area:

Glam Corner Office Desk - Beauteeful Living

I made the framed pinboard on my little gallery wall (tutorial in a future post).

This was a great DIY because it was so simple to make and the pinboard had the minimalist look I was after!

Office Pinboard and Framed Signs - Beauteeful Living

These frames were all from Michael’s.

Pinboard and Framed Signs - Beauteeful Living

The desk accessories are some of my favorites in this makeover! I also LOVE my new touch-activated table lamp.

Glam Desk Accessories - Beauteeful Living

Every Girl Boss needs a proper coffee mug, right? How cute is this Emoji mug? 🙂

Glam Desk Accessories - Beauteeful Living

Can’t go wrong with a desk organizer to keep everything in its proper place.

Desk Organizer - Beauteeful Living

I LOVE my Home Styles Newport White Desk. The size is great and for under $200, the quality is impressive. The silver handles really make this furniture piece look more expensive than it is!

Glam Home Office Desk Styling - Beauteeful Living  

A waste basket does not have to be made out of metal or plastic. This black and white woven basket works so well in my little office nook. Of course, I had to add some cute tassels to give it a little more character. 😉

Woven black and white basket - Beauteeful Living

Every corner office needs some greenery. Our “elephant ears” plant will remain indoors until next spring.

Glam Home Office Seating View - Beauteeful Living

Remember how difficult it was for me to decide on an office chair? I found some wonderful options online but I really wanted to find a chair in person so I could test it out! Thank goodness, I found this gorgeous mid-century chair at my local HomeGoods store.

The chair’s color was perfect plus it’s in the “mid-century” style…exactly my cup of Tee (pun intended…#ICouldNotHelpMyself) 😀

Mid Century Office Chair - Beauteeful Living

A vertical view of my new bright + cheery corner home office! I’m so excited to work in this newly revamped space.

Glam Home Office - Beauteeful Living

How about a night time photo for bonus points?

I love the glow of battery operated candles. Translation: I don’t trust myself to burn real candles.

Corner Office Night View - Beauteeful Living

See how this corner office borrows from our living room? The biggest challenge I faced in this “Glam Office” makeover was creating a space that functioned as an office, without it looking too “office-like.”

Glam Corner Office Makeover - Beauteeful Living

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Glam Chic Modern Office Makeover - Beauteeful Living

Here I am again in my new office nook! This corner office goes with all the design details that I love:

Glam, Bright, Mid-Century, Modern, Floral, Textured, and Feminine

Tee in Corner Office Makeover - Beauteeful Living


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