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One of my closest buddies, “G” did the sweetest thing for me recently. She helped me snag more Lilly Pulitzer items from the Lilly for Target collection. You may recall my recent post (here) about how pretty much everything was sold out by the time I reached my local store.

Almost a month after the collection has sold out, I get a call from my friend, “G” (sister from another mother) that the Target by her workplace had a small display of Lilly home items left.

I almost spit up my Lobster bisque in excitement! So glad I heard my cell ring during lunch!

Thanks to modern technology (aka: cellphone pic of goods on shelf), I asked G to help me buy the 3 items below:

1) Porcelain dessert plates with 18kt gold embossed rim – $25.00

2) Outdoor blanket with fringe trim – $30.00

3) Glass votive candle holders – $15.00

LillyforTarget home items


Seeing that the items I bought were perfect for a dinner party table setting, I decided to come up with my own “Lilly for Target Tablescape.”

Here is how I created a Simple & Pretty Tablescape:

1) I took some clippings from outdoor plants in our garden. So nice to have “greens” on the fly!

Garden bushes

2) I placed the plant clippings into my votive holders. I love using votives as mini-vases. Since the dessert plates were so tiny, I used them as votive coasters. 😉

Lilly for Target votives

3) For a dose of “flower power” [It is Lilly Pulitzer, after all], I incorporated pink roses from our garden. They were FREE…Love it! Flowers just make everything look so much more beau-tee-ful!

By the way, I used my new outdoor blanket as a tablecloth. Ties in well with the “feminine” tablescape.

LillyforTarget votives

4) Next, I added plates, napkins, and cuttery to complete the look. Notice the colorful Lilly drinking glasses that I purchased a month ago? So glad they have buddies now! 😀

LillyforTarget Table Setting

Now, I mentioned how sweet my friend “G” was in helping me get the additional Lilly Pulitzer items. Well, do you know what’s even sweeter than that? How about bringing a 51 pound Lilly for Target hammock stand to her car and driving it back home…only to find out it did not include the hammock!

Poor “G.” Okay, her husband was the one who had to bring it back to the store for a refund. But still… she went through the trouble…all for me…the girl who is a little floral obsessed.

I think it’s safe to say that the next time G and her family comes over, I’ll be recreating this Lilly Pulitzer tablescape. Dinner on me. I cannot wait!

Every time I look at these Lilly for Target items in my home, I will remember this sweet gesture made by a buddy who did more than help me add pretty accessories to my home. She reminds me how friends will extend themselves to make another friend “smile.” 🙂

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