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It’s finally starting to feel like spring now that the One Room Challenge (ORC) is back again! Yes, I’m again participating in the spring edition of the ORC, hosted by the lovely Linda from Calling It Home. You may recall that 20 official design bloggers take this bi-annual challenge, sharing their progress every Wednesday for 6 weeks. Guest participants like myself can also participate during this same 6 week period. The final reveals from the 20 designers and the guest participants (over 200+) are always nothing short of incredible! Beauteeful to the max degree. 🙂

This is my 5th time as a guest participant (wow, time flies) and the space that I’m revamping this time around is our downstairs bathroom! Some would call this a guest bathroom but let’s be real ….

When there’s only 2 bathrooms in the house (4 person family), each and every bathroom in the house is a main bath!

This makeover is a little different from some of my previous makeovers. The “Before” pictures aren’t as embarrassing terrible. We had both our bathrooms in our home remodeled 7 years ago. With this ORC makeover, my 2 main goals are to make this a more functional bathroom with added storage and having it look like the “SPA” retreat I’ve always loved.

ORC Guest Participant

Let’s see the “current state of affairs” shall we?

Once you open the door, you essentially see the entire downstairs bathroom. Yep, tour is over as soon as it started. Ha! 🙂

Main Bathroom Before Vertical View - Beauteeful Living

There’s only one window in this space. It’s very small but I’m not going to complain. Not all bathrooms have windows. I try to be a “glass half full” kind of person. 🙂

Small Bathroom Window

The biggest issue plaguing this bathroom is our current toilet. It needs to be kicked to the curb! I feel like I’m constantly cleaning this toilet. Not only does it have a weak flush, the flushing valve has been acting up quite often. Essentially, this toilet is on its last leg or should I say last flush?! 😉

I’m so thrilled to be partnering with American Standard for this bathroom makeover. I’m confident that this toilet situation will be solved. I cannot wait to replace our old toilet with a much more efficient toilet from American Standard.

Bathroom Toilet Before1 - Beauteeful Living

I still love our glass shower enclosure and the linen-looking type of tiles in the shower. The only thing I need to do here is to replace the fixed shower head with a hand held one. It’s just more versatile with a hand held shower head. I can shower our dog here instead of only upstairs.

Modern Shower Enclosure - Beauteeful Living

Recently I removed the 3 wall shelves we had above our toilet. They didn’t hold much and you couldn’t put anything heavier than a wax candle jar on the shelves. As you can see from below photo, this area above toilet is extremely bare. Ideally, I’d like to install a wall unit above the toilet for extra storage.

Above Toilet Wall

Now … the bathroom vanity area.

Main Bath Sink View Before - Beauteeful Living

Notice the spackled areas below the mirror?

We used to have a glass shelf there before it came undone almost a year ago. We had some decorative signs to cover those holes prior to spackling this area. I’m not sure if I’d put another glass shelf in that spot.

Bathroom Vanity Before - Beauteeful Living

Here’s what I plan to update in this area:

Bathroom Vanity Before Edits - Beauteeful Living

In addition to replacing the bottle pumps in our vanity area, I’ll also need to repaint this vanity fixture. You can see from photo how the paint is chipping in various areas. I’d like to go with a lighter paint color than the current mahogany shade.

Bathroom Vanity Changes Needed

Now that you’ve seen the current state of our bathroom, I’d like to share some beautiful inspirational photos I found online:

Inspirational Photo #1: Love the gray and white color combination. (Image courtesy of designer: Tracy Lynn Studio via Houzz // photographer: Zack Benson

Bathroom with White Mirror

Inspirational Photo #2: Love the Zen/Spa-like Earthy inspiration (Image via

Spa Like Bathroom Inspiration

Inspiration Photo #3: Love the live greenery in bathroom (Image source unknown)

Hanging plants in shower

To Do List:
1. Repaint Walls (Grey tones)
2. Replace toilet
3. Install electrical outlet near toilet
4. Install hot water recirculating system
5. Change/Add fixtures (towel rack, robe hook, soap/lotion dispensers)
6. Paint vanity
7. Purchase and install wall cabinet near toilet
8. Replace shower head with handheld shower head
9. Re-caulk around shower enclosure and spruce up tile grout
10. Create canvas art
11. Install wall ledges for plants.
12. Purchase new towels, floor mats, and in-shower mat
13. Style Modern Spa-themed bathroom. My favorite part!

A very big thank you to American Standard for being a sponsor of my spring 2018 guest participation in the One Room Challenge! I cannot wait to share the exciting products that I’ll be featuring in this makeover!

American Standard

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Spa Inspired Bath - Beauteeful Living

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