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It’s Week 3 of my guest participation in the One Room Challenge hosted by Calling It Home and we’re at the halfway mark of my Spa-Inspired Bathroom Makeover! In case you missed any of my previous posts, you can catch up here:

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Besides sourcing for products in store and online, this past week was all about painting our guest bathroom. You’d think painting a small bathroom wouldn’t take too much time but with all the tight corners, it actually took more effort than I anticipated.

The arduous task of cutting in edges of the wall is always my least favorite part of painting.

Repainting Walls - Cutting

Repainting Walls - Cutting

Remember how I chose Valspar’s Gravity paint color for our bathroom? Here’s how it came out after 2 coats. This color looks like a deeper gray in the evening.

Valspar Gravity Paint Color

Here’s how the paint color looks by our shower. The light from our window hits this spot so the paint color appears lighter. I think it goes nicely with the tiles in our shower!

Valspar Gravity Paint Color

Of course, I love to create more work for myself by not just sticking to just 1 paint color for the room.

Yep, I had to add an accent wall color to one of the walls! It’s very subtle during the day when the room is brighter. In the evenings, when the light sconces are on, you can clearly see the difference in the 2 gray paint colors.

Flagstone and Gravity Paint Colors

I’m not done with all the painting yet. While the walls are all painted, I still need to paint the trim and door. Oh yeah, there may be one or two or three spots I may have to touch up by the ceiling. 😉

In the past week, I must’ve spent 4 days out shopping for products. Fortunately, I had a few successful trips because I was able to find things perfect for our bathroom. Here are some peeks:

1. White Bathroom Towels

I bought 2 sets of these towels from Home Goods. I love the gray threading. It’s a subtle detail but perfect to go with our gray and white color scheme!

White Bath Towels

2. Gray and White Damask Fabric

I found this fabric at Hobby Lobby. I only needed 3/4 yard of this fabric to make a valance for our existing bamboo blinds. This is a great way to refresh the look of the blinds! Will need to start on this project this week!

Gray and white damask fabric

3. Hand-crafted Wall Art

I’m always drawn to carved wood decor. This wall art will add interest and texture to our bathroom. Guess what? I won’t just be displaying this piece as it looks now. I’ll be bedazzling it with some beauteeful elements. Can’t wait to show you!

Hand crafted wall art

4. Floral-carved White-washed Mirror

This purchase was a biggie! I literally spent the most time online and in stores looking for the perfect mirror to go above our vanity. Not only did the style need to go with the overall theme, I needed the mirror to be within a set measurement.

Since I don’t want to have our sconces moved, I had to stick with a mirror that had a width of 24 inches max! The width also had to be at least 21 inches or it’d look too small for the vanity area. Let’s just say these restrictions excluded quite a number of mirrors that I really wanted for the room! Ah…c’est la vie!

Here’s a peek at the floral carved mirror that I ended up purchasing. I love the intricate carvings and the pattern works perfect with some of the other details I’m planning for this space!

Wood carved white mirror

Love these ideas? Pin it for later.

Spa Inspired Bathroom Makeover

In closing, I’d like to thank American Standard for being a sponsor of my spring 2018 guest participation in the One Room Challenge! You’ll be hearing about our new toilet from American Standard very soon!

American Standard

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