Last year, Halloween fell on a Saturday. Being that our Lauren is an October baby (born just weeks away from October 31st), we knew that last year was the perfect year to throw her a birthday party on Halloween day. This is the first time I’m sharing photos of her 5th birthday party on the blog.

If you’re considering throwing a Halloween-themed party this year, I hope today’s post will kick start some ideas for your party planning.

Here are  6 Tips to Throwing a Spooktacular Halloween Birthday Party:

Tip # 1: Don’t Hold Back on Decorating Your Dining Area.

Kids will spend at least 15 – 20 minutes in this area. Let their eyes wander at all your spooky details. 🙂


You see that Potato-head pumpkin? Well, it’s been Lauren’s birthday mascot since she was 3 years old. I dress her up according to the theme of her party every year. Cracks me up every time! Here she is dressed as a vampiress. 😀


Tip # 2: Somewhere in the Decor Should Spell Out Your Child’s Name.

Don’t we all feel a little more special when things are personalized? You don’t need to spend extra money on getting a banner printed. Just add some letters to a pretty pendant banner that you already have and voila!


Here’s the view of our dining area. I really love that “Happy Birthday” banner.


Tip #3 : Throw a Birthday Number in Decor as Time-Stamp 

The large number “5” helium-filled balloon instantly puts a stamp on which birthday you are celebrating. I can look back at these photos in 10 years and know that this took place on Lauren’s 5th birthday.


Tip #4: Provide Fun and Easy Games for Your Guests

A classic like “Pin the Tail” will always bring up laughs. In our party, we had “Pin the Smile” on the skeleton! 🙂


Kids just love this game. It’s a classic for a reason!


Besides the “Pin the smile on skeleton” game, we also did a “Wrap your friend into a mummy” game.

The kids were divided into teams of three. One of the kids will be wrapped with toilet tissue. The team with the best wrapped “mummy” will win a prize!

By the end of this game, there will be toilet tissue everywhere! Don’t worry — Tell your participants that the person who picks up the most tissue will win a prize too! Trust me, the mess will be cleaned up in no time after hearing that! 😉


Now that you have all the kids moving and warmed up from the party games, it’s now “Pinata Time.”


Tip #5: Ice Cream Cake is Always In Season

Just because it’s the fall doesn’t mean that you should shy away from ice cream cakes. Kids love ice cream cakes. So do the adults!


Tip #6: Don’t Forget to Take a Solo Photo of Your Birthday Kid.

We get so busy hosting a party that we sometimes forget to take a “good” solo photo of the guest of honor. If you don’t have time to take a photo of your birthday star before or during the party, be sure to take one after all the guests have left!

Here’s one of my favorites from the party! The birthday vampiress had a great day and evening celebrating last year!


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Kids Halloween Birthday Party

It was so much fun going through these pictures from Lauren’s birthday party from last year. I hope the ideas shown will inspire you to throw your own party this year.

There will be lots of fall and Halloween themed posts ahead on the blog. Excited! 🙂 Be sure to sign up for future posts below if you haven’t already. You can also follow Beauteeful Living in these social spots:

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What were your favorite elements from this party from last year? Have you hosted a Halloween-themed party before? Thanks for reading! Xo, Tee.