Hello, wonderful readers:

This post is coming to you while I’m away on vacation. Hope you don’t mind me keeping this post short and sweet. 🙂 If you read my post from July, you will recall how I’m on a quest to re-learn the art of “relaxing.” I must say, entering this second summer vacation away, I’ve made some notable progress in Operation Don’t sweat the small stuff. For one, packing for this week-long trip away from home was far easier. I’m sure driving to our destination this time versus flying last month was a factor.

We’ve been away since this past Sunday. While time is ticking, I’m trying my hardest not to count the days before we head back. After all, we’re on vacation and it’s all about the moments and not the days before the vacation ends.

Here’s a special moment of the girls and their cousins, enjoying the lake view here!

4cousinsviewI hope you enjoy the rest of your week! Next few posts will focus on making the most of the summer days weeks we have ahead. Yes, we still have w-e-e-k-s before summer sails away. 🙂

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