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Starting this month, I plan to share some of my favorite products on Beauteeful Living, on a monthly basis! In the past, I’ve expressed how picky of a shopper I can be. Through the years, I’ve become even pickier. The good news is that you can trust that I’ve put a good amount of thought into products that I feature here! 🙂

On the blog today, I’m kicking off 2018’s “Beauteeful Finds” with my Top 5 Kitchen Products Worth Buying.
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About 4 years ago, I ordered my very first bread box. I like to keep my kitchen counters as clear as possible so having this bread box has been a big help in that area. Unable to find a bread box that I liked in stores, I started searching online and found this modern-looking bread box by Brabantia.

Brabantia Bread Box

Brabantia Bread Box

Admittedly, I was first drawn to this bread box because of its sleek modern design. It looks great on my counter and I’m happy to report that this bread box holds a good amount of items! Not only am I able to store a loaf of bread inside, I’m also able to store a bag of bagels and even English McMuffins. Yep – all 3 items can fit inside!

Here’s how the bread box looks on my kitchen counter. Years later, I still have no complaints! Not only do my baked goods stay fresh longer, they are neatly stored and out of view. I love how the exterior finish is durable, corrosion-resistant and fingerprint resistant. No smudges – yes!

Kitchen counter

Dish Mat with Rack Holder

Unless I have a big gathering in my home, I typically hand wash our dishes. With just 4 of us in our household, the dish situation is pretty manageable. I find the hassle of loading and unloading dishes in our dishwasher to be just as time-consuming as washing dishes by hand. Maybe I’m a little nuts! 😉

Anyway, doing dishes entails the need of a dish rack which I loathed but tolerated until I recently discovered Umbra’s dish mat and rack holder. Instead of just having the absorbent mats, this upgraded version also has a plastic rack that can be positioned in the middle or at the end. No more having to stack plates on top of one another on the mat. I love that this product takes up way less counter space, plus it can easily be stored away when not in use!

Umbra Drying Mat with Rack

Cuisinart Fryer

My husband recently received this deep fryer as a gift and so far, we’ve fried chicken wings, potato wedges, and empanadas using this device. Everything came out very crispy and tasty! Best part is not having to clean up an oily stove-top!

If you’re looking for a good fryer that is easy to clean, this is a great buy! By the way, fried food should be consumed in moderation but you knew that already! 😉

Cuisinart Deep Fryer

Soft Sink Strainer and Stopper

Replace those hard to clean metal mesh strainers with something much easier to clean. I said goodbye to my metal strainer last week and don’t intend to go back! I love that the stopper for this sink strainer has a suction cup so the stopper can stick on your sink when not in use! You can read more about it HERE.

Silicone Strainer with Stopper

Silicone Pot Strainer

This clip-on silicone strainer fits all pots and bowls. If you’re simply trying to strain liquid from your pot, why not use this clip-on instead of having to transfer your food into a colander? Cleaning this strainer is much simpler than a traditional colander. Throwing this silicone strainer into a dishwasher will take up much less space as well!

It’s all about SIMPLICITY right? If you missed my previous post on why simplicity is my word of the year, catch up here.

Clip on Silicone Strainer

Top Kitchen Products Worth Buying - Beauteeful Living

Have a new kitchen product/gadget that you absolutely love? Please share! 🙂 Thanks and meet you back on the blog very soon.